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When i analyze my Mybloglog Stat this Morning i Found new Type of Recent Readers Widget. First i was not unable to find which was it related To but later When i See Iphone Photo in The Web i Compare them and found that it was Of Iphone Style.

I dont know Whether Apple has Sponsored Yahoo To use Iphone Style in their Mybloglog Recent Readers Widget or Something else but it is very Very and Attractive To use in blogs. It is not only available in black colour but also available in Read,Blog ,Green altogether in different seven colours. It is not only attractive but more advanced than before , You can see that in the above Image too.It like it very much ,You can see in my Sidebar too So i Recommend others also to use this .


1 Responses to "Mybloglog Recent Readers Widget now in Iphone Style"
hjhhamidah said...
May 26, 2009 at 6:46 PM

I'm trying to view the image of the Recent Readers Widget in Iphone style? But could'nt get to view the image.

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