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All of us are tired by getting short term traffic.30 Google searches visit in one day and only 2 Google search visits in another day.20 visits through backlink of another blog and no visits from any backlink. Isn't is disgusting? All of us may be searching Long-term traffic generator. If so then here comes the long-term traffic generator. Its Bloggerforum.

Bloggerforum is a free discussion site. After you signup to bloggerforum you can Create your own discussion and can replay others discussion . There is a great traffic treasure hidden in the bloggerforum discussion . Generating traffic from bloggerforum is easy . If you have any idea in any section of blogging just go to that section of bloggerforum discussion , take part in the discussion by Giving a good answer , leave your backlink and start getting free and long-term traffic from bloggerforum. Besides giving answer to others questions you can create your own discussion also . If you got any problem about blogging create your discussion , Say your problem , Leave your blog link in the discussion and start getting traffic from there.

using bloggerforum is just like talking with the person in the coffee shop . How good you can talk the man is more influenced and always be on your good side. Like that in bloggerforum how good answer you can give to others you will get more traffic. if you convince people with your answer they may giving you free backlink in their blog or may free review your blog.

In my opinion bloggerforum should be used when we are free or get bored of using other things in the internet. Once I got bored of using others things in the internet and just sign in to bloggerforum . It found the discussion topic interesting and I reply to those discussion . I think I have replied to 4 or 5 discussions .After that I started getting 5-20 blog visits per day from bloggerforum . Still I am getting traffic from bloggerforum .By getting influenced from it Im writing this post. Hope you will enjoy using Bloggerforum.


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