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Although the real title of this Post is “How do I create new widgets for other people to add to their layouts?” But I changed it into “How can I Create Add this to my Blog button in Blogger?” .There
is not so big reason for changing the post title. The original title of this hack is different from our thinking. People searched for this hack when they see “Add this to my Blog “Button in other Blogs and find it Interesting. Without going its history let’s come to the Point.

You can place this Widget or button anywhere in your Blog i.e. within posts or in your sidebar. For this First design a widget, put it in your Blog and start spreading your widget. When someone clicks in the button they will be taken to the Blogger layout page where they can add your widget.

Now look at the Example Below that provides a single button “ Links to Bloganol “ That helps others to add a widget to their layout that links to Bloganol.

<form method="POST" action="http://www.blogger.com/add-widget" target="_blank">
<input type="hidden" name="widget.title" value="BloganolWidget">

<input type="hidden" name="widget.content"
value="<a href='http://www.bloganol.blogspot.com'>Bloganol</a>'/>

<input type="hidden" name="widget.template" value="&lt;data:content/&gt;"/>

<input type="hidden" name="infoUrl" value="http://bloganol.blogspot.com"/>

<input type="hidden" name="logoUrl" value="http://www.blogger.com/img/icon_logo32.gif"/>

<input type="submit" name="go" value="Link to Bloganol"/>


Important Parts of the Form.

  • form action="http://www.blogger.com/add-widget" - (Required) Your form must submit its information to this URL in order for it to be handled properly by Blogger. Blogger recommend using the POST method to submit, but GET also works, if you don't have too much data in your widget.
  • widget.title - (Optional) The title you specify will display in the user's Page Elements tab when they edit their layout. It will also be shown as part of the default widget template. The title can be up to 100 characters long, and may contain well-formed HTML.
  • widget.content - (Required) This is the actual content of your widget, which will be displayed on the user's Blog. It can include almost any well-formed code that you want, except for and tags. Note, however, that you will need to escape the code, as in the example above (e.g. becomes <a>).
  • widget.template - (Optional) This should follow the widget tag guidelines. You can also use any of the globally available data tags. If no template is specified, it uses as a default.
  • infoURL - (Optional) You can use this to specify a page on your site that describes your widget or gives other information about it. It will be used as a "more info" link on the setup page people see when adding your widget.
  • logoURL - (Optional) You can add an image URL here, and the image will be displayed next to the "more info" link. It should be thumbnail sized (i.e. less than 100x100 pixels).

I hope you will enjoy using this.


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