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Yes these words are true.You can earn $50 just for signing up to revresponse and writing a post about revrespone in about 200 words in your blog just like i am writing.First I was unknown about this and one my blogging friend told me about this contest.He have already mentioned about this in his blog and suggested me to participate in this.So I participate there and now I am writing about this in my blog.

The work is very easy.First of all you have to sign up to revresponse.After that you have to notify karen (revresponse member) that you have accepted this challense.Now you have write a post about revresponse in your blog.The post must be at least 200 words and should include at least one link to revresponse.After that email karen with the link of your written post.After you complete all these tell them where to pay and get paid.

What is actually revresponse?Revresponse is actually an alternative to the CPM and CPC networks.In this program users get commission on every qualified subscription or download request delivered from their widget .In this sense everyone get chance to win here.

Revresponse paid you by check by default but you can also choose paypal for your payment.The minimum payout is $50 that means if you complete this contest then your account will meet the minimum and you will get get paid.

If you really like to make $50 with revresponse then you must hurry up.This $50 offer is only upto 31 july 2008.Therefore Signup fast and add $50 to your account.

Here is the sample of revresponse Flash widget.Check it out.


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