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This is my first post on domain and i am excited to write about it.Today we are talking about free domain name co.cc .Co.cc is not actually a web hosting service but its a free domain redirection service.Using this free service users can redirect their blog Url to their selected co.cc domain.For example I selected www.blgoanol.co.cc for my blog and when someone click on this link or Enter this link they will be redirected to my original blog www.bloganol.blogspot.com .

CO.CC:Free Domain

There are some othergood things about this free domain. You can Hide or show Url which is also called Path Forwarding and Url hiding respectively.If you hide your blog address then your selected co.cc domain name will only be shown in the browser's address bar and if you selected to show the Url the Page url will be shown normal in browser's address bar.

Not all the domain names are free here . You can get only limited service her. If you like to have full services then you have to get premium domain name which is available at certain cost.and another thing is that you should not break their rules .

If you are bored of .tk domain and other boring domain names then register here for free .


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