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Many people build traffic with their own style.some get success through their style and some didnt get success.What i am explaining you is how i am making traffic to my blog.I made traffic via mainly 5 ways in my blog.They are:
  1. Submit site to Social networking Sites:Whenever I write an interesting post i directly submit it to different social networking sites like digg,reddit,etc before anybody submit a content about that topic to these social networking site.Some submitted content gives more traffic and some didn't give any traffic although I am satisfied to them.
  2. Make a discussion:After I submit site to different social networking sites I create a discussion about my blog post in different forum and discussion sites like bloggerforum,Blogcatalog,etc.In the discussion I explain the content of my blog in about two lines and provide link to my blog.While giving the Link I use Tinyurl to make the link text shorter and to hide the blog original Address.This is why because if some people find the long Blog Address with .blogspot they didn't Trust and didn't visit the link.
  3. Traffic via commenting:Commenting is also a great source of traffic for many bloggers.For me commenting is alternative way for making Traffic.Whenever I see new posts in blogs having more readers and PR then I became the first commenter in that Post of that Blog.First Comment is always displayed at the top of all comments.That means my blog Link will be Listed at the Top of all comments in that blog.Future users will surely follow that link I will get Traffic from there.Besides this If you post more comments then your blog will be listed in Top commentators List of that blog.You can even make More traffic from there.
  4. Traffic from Entrecard:We can get maximum Traffic through Entrecard If we use it properly.I have read a post about Entrecard Traffic Tips.According to the Post We should have an attractive Entrecard ad Image and should do maximum drops.So I follow the Tips and Make my Entrecard Ad More attractive and Have maximum Drops on Entrecard widget of other blogs.
  5. Backlink Exchange and Messaging:I have started a section in my blog a long ago named "Free backlink Exchange".From this section I am exchanging backlink with other blogs.From this I am getting less traffic but i am satisfied.Besides this whenever I made a new Post in my blog I post a message to my mybloglog community members about it with the blog post Link.Community members follow that Link and give traffic to my blog.


1 Responses to "My 5 easy Traffic Tips"
itmommy said...
October 1, 2008 at 6:54 AM

Nice tips! My blog is new so these tips would definitely help me

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