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I have seen lots of ad spaces in the blogs with size 125X125 and Labeled "Your ad Here " or "Advertise Here".Sometimes they got 1 or 2 advertisers for that ad slot otherwise they will spend lots of time for searching sponsors for that Ad slot.If you are among them then viralblogads is your Godfather.
viralblogads is a advertising and Money making platform for the bloggers.Here advertisers build traffic and Publishers build lots of money.

If you like to make money with viralblogads then you must sign up to viralblogads first.After that add your blog there.Then get the ad code,paste the ad code into your blog and start making money.Whenever users click on the ads you will be paid certain amount of money.

If i told above viralblogads helps you fill your ad space.You can display Graphical ads in your blog in two different sizes ie in 125X125px and 468X60px using viralblogads.This size will certainly fill your blog vacant ad space.Therefore why not fill your vacant ad space by signing up to viralblogads ?

And it pays you through paypal after your sum reaches to minimum payout.


2 Responses to "Monetize your blog ad spaces with Viralblogads"
Anonymous said...
September 11, 2008 at 7:31 PM

This looks like it might be a good alternative to Google Adsense.

kiran said...
August 15, 2009 at 3:51 PM

y didn't u keep these ads
any probs with these
adsense will accept it or not

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