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Till now i was unknown about the real meaning of copyright.But today I knew the real meaning of the copyright.It means that if a blog has copyright Logo or Text in their blog then you cant copy their blog posts,Moreover you cant even copy the design of the blog.

I knew the real meaning of copyright when I got a Email reply from Daniel scocco the author of dailyblogtips.com.I have created a blog Template and Feature that Template in my blog.The name of the Template was Idol Blogger Template.This template was just like the design of the dailyblogtips.com.After that I asked a permission with Daniel to give download link of this template in my blog.

After about five hours I got reply from him and he said that I cannot even use it in my blog.He further said it would be infringing on their copyright (design is copyrighted also).He further thanks me that I have understand it and asked him a permission.

After that I remove the template download link from the Post and Notify about it to Daniel.I got sad because my hard task has been gone worthless.But I learn a Good lesson from it.That is Never Violate Others Copyright and another is Ask permission before you access others copyright.
If they allow you then complete the task otherwise Stop the Task so that you will never be sad like me after you complete the hard task.


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Anonymous said...
July 25, 2009 at 3:21 AM

That's nice!

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