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Yesterday while i was surfing john chow's blog I found an important post on his blog although i am not his regular reader.The title of the article was " TwittAd Tries To Make Money With Twitter ".I found this post important because i was willing for something which helps users to make money from twitter.let us discuss more about Twittad.

Twittad is a new program from twitter that helps twitter users to make money and advertisers to promote their product by placing ad in the Twitter users profile page.The ad is just the background therefore is not clickable.

The price for placing ad is fixed by the owner of the twitter profile.It means if you have more followers then you can ask for large sum of money and if they have less followers then you can ask for small sum of money.Your income is directly related to the no of followers you have.To increase your no of followers you can use twhirl. You can also organize a contest on your blog to increase your no of followsers.

These are some of my words about twittad.It depends upon you to use or not to use it.


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