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Hiding affiliate link from your affiliate banner is also a trick of marketing.So how to hide your affiliate link?Yeah I have found altogether 5 ways to hide your affiliate link.They are:

1. Shorten URL
There are lots of site that helps you to shorten your link.some of them are:
  1. http://www.tiny.cc/
  2. http://tubeurl.com/
  3. http://tinyurl.com/
  4. http://xurl.jp/
These are some few names of the sites.You can find more sites from Google.Among these Tinyurl is my favorite.You can use it to hide your affiliate link.For that open Tinyurl.com and paste your long Url there.For eg your affiliate link is www.theworstaffeliatejunction.com/theworstblogger so you can now shorten it into http://tinyurl.com/125fifo.Now who will know it is the affiliate link.

2. Using Iframe
You can also use Iframe to hide your affiliate link.For that you have to create a html file by coding in the same format as below.

<title>Any Title</title>
<iframe src="YOUR_AFFILIATE_URL" width="100%"
height="100%" Frameborder="0"></iframe>
Now after you create a .HTML page Upload it to your Google Pages account and get the link in the format http://www.username.googlepages.com/Filename.Now use the obtained Url in every Affiliate link.Just Easy.

3. Using Meta Tags
And the third easy way to hide your affiliate link is by using the Meta Tag redirection.For that also create a .HTML page by coding in the same format as below.

<title>Any Title</title>
<META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;
Any Message
Now in the same way as above upload the .HTML file or page to your googlepages account and get the link in the format http://www.username.googlepages.com/Filename and use the same URL in your affiliate link.Whenever the user click in this link they will be redirected to your Affiliate link.

4. Using simple HTML
This is the easiest and coolest way to hide your affiliate link.For that create the link to your affiliate in the same format as below.

<a target="_blank" style="cursor:pointer;cursor:hand;"
onclick="window.open('YOUR_AFFILIATE_URL'); return false;">Your Text</a>

5.Using .htaccess 301 redirect
I didn't have so much knowledge in it although i haven't tried it.For this visit Themelib to learn more about it.

These are just the easy Tips.If you love this post or know even more ways to hide affeliate link then notify us about it.

Till then Have a Good day.


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