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TTZ Media is also sometime called Johnchow Ad Media Network.You can make Money from TTZ Media Affiliate by being a TTZ Media Affiliate marketer on your relevant website through PPC earnings.They provide a very intuitive ad code generation system as well as a tracking system, and the ad banners are one of the most flexible on the web.

But there are also some requirements of TTZ Media to get your Blog approved .
  1. You must have your own domain name (no free sites).
  2. Your Blog must be in English Language. 
  3. Your Blog must have high Quality Content and
  4. Your Blog must be Updated Frequently.
If you Qualify the above requirement then you can Sign up to TTZ Media.If you don't  qualify the above requirements then Try to take your blog to higher level.

The Ads shown by TTZ Media Network are also like Ads of Shopping Ads and Chitika Network.You can get Ads on different 15 sizes and single Products and Multi products.Following is the Snapshot of the Ad of TTZ Media Network.


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