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Comment rate is the quotient obtained by dividing the Total no of your blog comments by total no of post.The higher no of comments you have you get more comment ratio and if you have less no of posts then also there is chance of getting higher comment ratio.

As told above you have to divide total no of comments by total no of posts to get it.You can use statistics widget for blogger to know your total no of posts and comments.Lets calculate our comment rate in mathematical way till today.

Total no of comments = 250
Total no of posts = 187

Therefore,Comment rate = Total no of comments
--------------------------Total no of Posts
--------------------------= 250
----------------------------1.33 comment/post

I don't have much knowledge on JavaScript therefore if you have got a good knowledge on it then you can design a Comment rate calculator which calculates the comment rate through the data input by the user.After you design it notify us about it.We will surely feature it here.


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