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Since many days I was not writing any post on bloganol because I was busy designing new Template for bloganol.Now I have already created Template and Uploaded in Bloganol.It means i am back in work.

This template is inspired from Revolution Crunch Wordpress theme.I selected this theme to use in my blog because it is adsense friendly.It means i have discovered 4 best places to show your adsense ad that is in the right header , Submenu, Sidebar and between the posts or between post and comment block.It means that it will surely help me earn more revenue through Google adsense.It has also got cool CSS Menu and good looking comment area.

I think this template looks more professional than the previous template.If you think this template is good then i will surely make this template download to everyone for making some more modifications.


1 Responses to "New design for Bloganol"
indungg said...
November 6, 2008 at 3:30 AM

Hei,...Congratulation with this new design.
May be you will get lucky wth this.
Have a nice day n Success!

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