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It has been a long time that I have been telling you that all the twitter users can make money with their twitter profile by displaying background image ads on their twitter profile.Now twitter has even added two more new features that helps you maximize your Twittad income and those new features are Twittad Affiliate Program and “1-Tweet Promotion” .

Affiliate Program:
Now when you log into your twittad account you can see new affiliate section in your account.from there you can get the affiliate links and banners.You can get single affiliate link but you can get banners in two different sizes : 468X60px and 200X200px Iframe banner.Each referral you send our way will be tracked via your affiliate code. You will earn 25% of transaction fees over the life of the Twittad user. Once your account hits $30 you can request payment from Twittad.

“1-Tweet Promo”: When an advertiser purchases a Twitter users background for ad placement through Twittad, they will be allowed 1 Tweet message to announce the purchase. This is a pre-formed Tweet from Twittad that we send using the seller’s Twitter credentials. The Tweet will look like this:

“Hey! My background is Sponsored is Apple. Check out http://www.apple.com"

This 1 Tweet promo is exactly that, only one message is sent after the ad has been placed by the Twitter user, and no further messages are sent after that.

So if you want to make money online with twittad then sign up to twittad now.


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