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The function of Iphone and Ipod touch are almost similar.Both have got wifi for using internet,Contacts book,Email,Music,videos and many more similar functions.But the main two differences between Ipod Touch and Iphone is Phone dialing/Receiving and SMS sending/receiving.If you fulfill these two main functions of Ipod touch then your Itouch can also be called as an Iphone.So how  can you fulfill these these functions?

Phone dialing/Receiving

Fring is a popular Ipod touch Appation that helps you receive or dial phone calls from your Ipod touch.You can get fring free at app store.You can use itunes to download fring into your computer or you can directly downlaod fring from your ipod touch just by searching fring in Appstore in your Ipod touch.You can download fring user manual from here.

Available on the iPhone App Store

You might have already read the previous post of bloganol about then availability of Skype for Iphone and Itouch.Likewise fring you can dail and receive calls from your iphone via skype.You can also send sms from your Itouch by using skype.You can get skype free at app store.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Sending SMS
You cant send Sms from your Ipod touch like Iphone because it didn't have icons of SMS in Ipod touch.So you need the the help of different sites through your Itouch browser inorder to send sms via your Ipod Touch.You can too send sms from Skype.Here are the list of sites you can browse for sending free sms worldwide from your Ipot Touch.
You can search for more sites for sending free sms worldwide at Google. These are the tricks for calling and sending sms from your Ipod Touch.But there are some requirements must fulfill t use these services from Your Itouch.First and the most important thing is you must be connected via wifi connection to enjoy services and the second requirement is Itouch didn't  got mic and ear speaker like Iphone.So you must get earphone with mic for your Itouch.

Completing these tasks is really very easy and can be completed within a minutes.Like the title of this post you can convert your Ipod touch into Iphone within a minutes.Enjoy!


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ila said...
August 28, 2009 at 9:44 PM

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