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There are numerous of reasons why should we comment . we comment on the posts of other Blogs which is good , informative and satisfies our queries . Number of comments also shows the popularity of that posts. There are various advantages of comments to the Bloggers and Readers .

if you comment on the posts of other Blogs your comments will be displayed in the Page of that Blog . People can visit your Blog following the link from the commented page of commented Blog . you can get a few traffic from it . moreover if the number of your comments is more than others then your name and your Blog link will be displayed in the top commentators list . you will get more traffic from it. Now many of the Bloggers also follow the link provided by the commentator.Your backlinks will be also counted from there.

All the above things are concluded from my personal experience . Once I had commented 3 or 4 times in a Blog in the gap of days . My comments were published there . many of the readers of that Blog visited by Blog following the link given while commenting on that Blog. Moreover my Blog name was also published on the top Commentators List of that Blog. I get more than 50 traffic from that Blog. So due to this fact I am writing this post. I hope you will like this post.


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