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In the list of social bookmarking script here comes a new script named sharethis.This script is developed by the talent individuals of different companies.Using this script users can share the blog content either by submitting to different directories or Social bookmarking sites .Besides this users can send the Email of the page to their friends and can share the contents by publishing to their profile in Facebook,Blogger and many other sites.

Using sharethis is Free.You have to follow 3 steps to put this script on your blog.
  1. Register a new account.
  2. Customize the Widget and
  3. Get the button.
Once you install sharethis widget in your blog a button will be displayed below each of your blog post.This widget gets automatically gets updated with new feature .It has got the improved email and other message sending system.You will be provided with tracking and reporting system also.

Sharethis script is not only provided for blogger. It is also provided for Wordpress, Typepad and other web sites.Besides this sharethis plugin is also provided for your blogger either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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