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Comments are posted on other blogs if we love the post at the blogs.There are many advantages of the author and Commentators by Commenting on the blogs.Bloggers can know the Situation of the Blog and Commentators can built Traffic and backlinks for their blog.Now I am going to Tell you how to gain more traffic by commenting on other blogs.

1. Always Use real Blog Title and URl : Whenever you comment on other blogs always use your real Blog Link and Title.Never Use your profile while Commenting because when the users click the Link the users will be redirected to your Profile Page Instead of redirecting to your Blog .

2. Use Attrative Title or Name while you Comment : This is another and great Tip for generating Traffic from Commenting.You should always use Interesting name while you comment.For eg If I comment using name as Bloganol then nobody will care it.If I use Make money,Blogger Templates and Free Blogging Resources Instead of Bloganol then more users will be attracted towards it and I will get chance of gain more traffic from it.

3. Enable Commentluv : It is especially in case of wordpress Blogs and this Function is not available in Blogger.If you Enable commentLuv while you comment then the Title and Link of your latest Post will be displayed in the comment.You can also make Traffic from There.

4. Try to be in Top Commentators List : Top commentators are those people who posts lots of comments in that Blog and many Blogs Displayed the top Commentators Link at the Top of their blog to Encourage people to comment on their Blog.Link of your blog at other blog means people will surely Clik on the Link and you can Gain Traffic from there.

5. Make Comments into Discussion : You can generate traffic by creating the Comments discussions at different blogs.For eg If you find some cool Blogger hack in some blog then you can create a discussion comment Like "This hack works on my site,Check my site www.example.com,Thanks .... Very much".After that If some people donot get that hack worked on their blog then they will surely see how the hack works on your blog.Further more they can ask, how you have done and How it worked.You can Answer them and can built Traffic from there.

6. Try to be the First : This is also a good tip for generating Traffic from commenting.Whenever you see the new Good post on the Popular blogs then always try to be the first Commentator.After that when some people tries to comment on that post then they will surely first read your comment,Visit your blog and Tries to give comment as you ahve given in that post.


2 Responses to "6 Tips for generating more Traffic by Commenting on other Blogs"
indungg said...
September 19, 2008 at 2:14 PM

hi,.i'll ask to you,...is commentluv work on blogsot??'isn't??
Success fr u!

Chat said...
September 30, 2009 at 2:12 PM

Thank you very much .. Fans like you for your interest

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